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A couple of picutes

This is my Dad. He passed in 1986.  I originally took the picture in the late 60’s with a Polaroid Swinger camera. The kind you pulled the picture out and it developed before your eyes in 60 seconds.  Then you had to use this sponge bar thing with chemicals on it to set the picture.  As evident at the very top of the picture, I didn’t do such a great job on that.  If anyone is interested, it is a 1948 John Deere Model B.

PicEngrave settings

The wood is maple. No dithering.  

Feed rate is 80.0000 in/min.

Max=255 Min=0 

FRC 20%

Extended Edge 20

Extended FRC 40 in/min.

A shout out to Jeff Woodcock for his help with the FRC and dithering stuff.


Pictures of my youngest Granddaughter. I don’t remember what settings I used but the wood is cherry.



Those look very good Mark. :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing. 

Nicely done Mark and thanks for the brief history lesson too!

Image that…instantly developing pictures in the 60’s.