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6mm mdf

Any recommendations regarding settings? I’ve tried this a number of times & while some of it is cut completely, other parts don’t even show an outline on the reverse side.

Patrick hopefully the following will be of some assistance.

      I am using a fairly early model Emblaser 2, which means I have had more than my fair share of assistance from Darkly Labs and Domenic and that I am very appreciative of that help and possibly my comment to you will go a tiny way towards paying back on that support I have received.

      To further put things into perspective I am using  Laserweb 4.0.990. The newer version of Air Assist with the rubber nose cone and a brought, to make my life easier Windows 10 Desktop PC dedicated to working in my shed with the Emblaser 2.

       I have had some good successes cutting 3mm MDF and more recently decided to have a play with 6mm MDF recording the main settings used as hand written notes.

       To cut a really well defined 45mm Dia circle in 6mm MDF I used a file named '60mm Dia Circle.DXF ’ I had drawn and saved from SketchUp 17.

     This file once loaded into Laserweb was reduced to 45mm, as a part of the sizing and positioning process and I then loaded the ‘Laser Cut’ profile for 6mm MDF finally fine tuning the settings to :-

Power 100%

Passes 4

Pass Depth 0.25

Start Height 13 (The default setting comes up with 3 but I change this to 13 to account for the 10mm rubber mat thing)

Cut Rate 120

Air Assist is ON

After running this I find the part can be pressed, with very little effort, out from the back and very clean so that the back edges do not need sanding.

       Earlier attempts that were successful included 16mm Start Height but that needed a slight sanding after pressing out from the back with a little more force. Reducing the cut rate from 120 to 100 had no real impact. Changing the Pass Depth to 1.25 also produced a result requiring some sanding of the back edge after a greater push out force.


You are welcome to email me Stephen Fox on " fox@wn.com.au " if you require a screen dump or snip of my laserweb screen if that is of any help.


Regards Stephen Fox.