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4w Laser Upgrade and ventilation for Emblaser 1

Having a day off and finished a project I decided to install the 1.5 kit and the 4w laser upgrade.

I made a half hood for ventilation which ports straight out a window. So far this is only a trial run and is performing OK. I have moved the laser cutter from the garage to my new office area which has required a ventilation upgrade. I also added some LED strip light to provide additional lighting when setting up and the fan and LED can be switched on/off independently.

I’m going to get the laser cover and will vent that out the window, should take up less space and also means I can use my PC without needing to wear the glasses.

I am now using the grey silicone mats which have made an improvement to the airflow under the jobs, the fan on the laser head is able to push the smoke down and out from the work as well as under.



Looks great James.

The lighting is definitely a nice touch.

Keen to see how you plan to implement the cover. Definitely keep us updated.