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4W Emblaser1 cutting MDF & Acrylic

 Hi all,

Really struggling to find the best cutting settings for my 4W E1 to cut MDF and acrylic.

Acrylic is 3mm not transparent and MDF is 3mm and good quality.

I’ve cleaned my lens and tried various settings that I’ve read in the forum but just can’t seem to cut through.

What are the recommended settings for these materials? Is there something I’m missing or any tricks?



Abbey :slight_smile:

Hi Abbey,


With acrylic the color and shade of color too has an effect on the Emblaser’s cutting ability eg. I have two red acrylics with a slight difference in the shade, one cuts in 3-4 passes whereas the other takes about 6-8 passes. (300mm/min with air assist using Lightburn)

Also white, blue and some other lighter shades do not cut at all.

I also believe the softwares  used have some differences. eg performance of LightBurn 300mm/min is not same as Cut2D Laser 300mm/min

3mm MDF - 300mm/min 4 -5 passes works for me.