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3MM MDF fish design cut out

Finished cutting out this fish design out of bunnings 3mm MDF, very happy how it turned out.

Been cutting lots of MDF lately and if you don’t keep on top of cleaning the lens it will fail to cut through all the way.

Because this has so much cutting, and was going to be a long cut (took 1hr and 53 min) i set to cut at 100mm.min. to make sure it would cut through as the lens became dirty as the cut progressed

After cutting, pushing down on the piece into the silicone mats showed still didn’t cut through in a few places so cleaned lens and did another run at 400mm/min took 33 min.

Every single little piece cut though, even the tiniest sliver.


was going out to dinner at friends for sushi so fired it up with a piece of Nori @1000mm/min (interesting smell, not pleasant)

That looks great.

Regarding Bunnings 3mm MDF, I have settled happily on Darkly Labs’ settings of 150mm/min, 2 passes at 11.5mm (if using the mats)

I’ve yet to cut anything edible.

Nicely done Cameron.

Thanks for sharing the pics and technique.