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3D to 2D to 3D

I remember seeing a video which someone did a short of mini-tutorial/demo where he took a 3D model, imported it into a program, it turned it into a 2D layout to cut, and then he just stuck them back together when done. Does anyone know what video I’m talking about? I can’t seem to find it.

I think you are talking about 123Make, the software is now combined into Fusion 360. 

It is amazing software and you can download the old version that still works (you’ll need an Autodesk account)


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Was it this one? It appears at around 8:32:


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Thank you both a lot!

I was able to download 123D make from amazon for free. I learned about it from a Full Spectrum laser video where they show how you can import a 3D model, slice it into pieces, then it nests all the parts onto your material sheets for you, will even number them, and it will generate an assembly document as well. The problem is there was a huge library of free 3D models you could download from their 123D Make upload library…but they got rid of it when they discontinued the software and they took down the site and all the models are gone!