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3 Layer 7 Piece Om Mandala & Tree Of Life

Thanks for the quick response from the Darkly team in getting my E1 back up and running, managed to knock out 2 quick projects

3mm Ply 

3 Layer 7 piece Om Mandala


3 piece Tree of Life


That’s amazing Graham, we’ll done!

What did you use to stain the ply?


  • Lliam

Excellent work Graham.

Thanks for sharing this.


Hi Lliam, for the mandala. Light layers I used a Cabots Semi Transparent Maple, it ended up a touch too light so wiped once over with Cabots Cedar. Darker layers was 2 quick coats Cabots Cedar. Better than anticipated.

The tree was just the base for Cabots Cedar, 2 coats Flat black and just a clear satin over the tree. 


Thank you Domenic, couldn’t do it without the Emblaser 1 I still get a buzz using it.