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2 Qs: Gravoply material & can we cut gold mirror?

Hi! Has anyone here tried cutting/engraving a material called gravoply?

It’s almost like acrylic but thinner and less dense. Link here to read about the material.
I was looking for an alternative to acrylic (especially gold and silver mirror), because apparently I have to cut with 6 passes in 120 for acrylic. It’s insanely long to cut just one piece (is everyone having the same problem for acrylic or is it just me?).

Anyway, my questions are:

  1. When I cut gravoply, I saw little sparks and it kinda scared me. I was afraid the lens would easily be burn or whether it has fire hazard with E2 laser. Because gravoply is supposed to be CO2 laser safe, but I’m not sure for E2. If anyone has experience with this material can you share whether it’s safe or not? Or maybe by reading the specs from link above you can tell whether it’s safe or not? Any thoughts are welcomed!

  2. Anyone also has cut gold/silver mirror acrylic? I read E2 can’t cut transparent and white acrylic (why’s that though?). But nothing is written about gold/silver mirror. Is cutting them going to damage our lens? Any thoughts/experience sharing are also welcomed.


I have made a project with the Emblaser 1 - 3 Watt Laser-Diode and Laserply. Laserply is similar to Gravoply. It works very well and the surface of the material does not bulge with the right settings. Very interesting material :slight_smile:


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Thanks for sharing @Salvi

I love the raster on the white backing :slight_smile: Yes, during my test cut I notice it’s easily cut with the right settings. I just think the fume is stronger than cutting perspex. I hope it’s not too dangerous in the long run since it’s plastic :’