1902 History on Glass

Emblaser 1,

Glass 6 x 4
1902 Flat Iron Building
Original image 400dpi reduced resized
25speed 67% power + Air
3h 11min

There is something about etching glass that brings an image alive

Great work Graham!

The frames just finish it off perfectly.

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Thank you Domenic, proof that you should never throw things away…haha

This is spectacular, Graham!

Can you confirm whether you are using black card as a backing, or is that just the original paint (used for the etching)?

Thanks Lliam,

Both frames were 1 coat Matt Black spray, etched as negative’s cleaned off with water and soft paint brush. Backed with white cardboard.

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Oh, of course - that makes sense. Thanks!

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Contract looks great, very nicely done

This looks really good.

How do you etch onto the glass? Do you apply a coating first?



Thanks Mike, glass is harder to replace than timber so always happy when it turns out

Thank you, Yes an even light coat of flat black spray. Prep image making sure to invert the image to a negative and flip so that it is the correct way when viewing from other side.

Settings were 1500 speed 68 power - Stucki
Image was a 400dpi re sized to 282dpi

Image quality is probably the biggest factor in having a good result. That and a dozen other possibilities

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Impressive work. You are right the etching on glass has brought the images alive.

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Great work and thanks for letting me know the details.