10W Laser Upgrade - Lid and Fan Query

I have just installed the upgraded 10W into my Emblaser 2 which included replacing the lid. Wow. it is impressive. I do have a few issues that have cropped up as a result, however.

  1. Not surprisingly, it seems to generate more smoke. It is taking the fan longer to evacuate that from the machine (I simply have the hose dropped out the window). Is there anything that can be done about this? More powerful fan perhaps?

  2. I also installed the new lid. It does not seal as well and so some of the extra smoke is leaking out into the room unless I lean on it. I suppose I could find something heavy and wrap it in something soft, but this machine is in a classroom for use by students, so that is clearly not my preferred solution. Are there adjustments that I can make to improve the seal?

  3. Possibly also related to the lid adjustment, my laser enable button does not work as reliably as before. I have been able to “jiggle” the lid a bit to get it to work but I also noticed some marks on the surface of the PC boards in the corners when I switched them from the old lid to the new. They looked like wear, would that be the case? If I cannot make adjustments and have an ongoing problem, are these parts available as spares? I could not see them in the store.

Open to any other solutions that the community may have come up with.

Hi Stuart,

Thanks for posting on the Darkly Labs Community!

1 - I recommend checking your Exhaust Fan to ensure it is both clean and running to spec. The fan should get up to speed in 3-5seconds. If your Fan is taking longer than this, I recommend replacing it.
For cleaning, I recommend removing the rear electronics enclosure to better access the fan, then using a mascara wand or similar to brush any build-up from between the fins of the fan.

2 & 3 - It sounds as though the new Lid may not be correctly aligned, which will prevent a proper seal and also affect the interlocks. Please see: Emblaser 2: Lid Interlock Alignment

If you continue to have any issues, please share some images of your lid installation, showing the gap between the lid and frame on each edge by emailing them to: help@darklylabs.com