10W E2 Core images wavering

Hi, I was wondering if anyone would have some advice with this problem.

This is an E2 Core that was upgraded to a 10W laser, I never noticed this problem before the upgrade.

When the laser tracks, more noticeable with horizontal lines it has an up and down waver to the line.
Its not affected by speed or power settings, air assist can be on or off and the belt tension appears to be fine. I have also cleaned and lubricated the shafts although this was fine before the change.

Im at a loss so any advice would be appreciated. Could the laser be loose inside its housing?
For reference, the box in the photo is about 9mm high.
Lightburn 1.4.00
Emblaser E2 Core v210

Thanks Mark

Hi Mark,

Thanks for posting on the Darkly Labs Community site!

So that I can look into this further, can you please send the LightBurn file pictured in your post, as well as the GCode from this job to: help@darklylabs.com

Thanks Lliam, I’ll send it through. Cheers

Incase anyone else has the same issue, in this case we discovered the issue was caused by vibrations from the V1 Air Assist.

Particularly with the V1 units, using an Air Assist Speed of less than 100% can sometimes cause additional vibrations due to the frequency of the motor matching the resonance frequency of the Emblaser frame.
As such, it’s worth testing with the Air Assist OFF and at 100% if encountering issues.

The V2 Air Assist produces far less noise and vibrations than the V1 and is a worthwhile upgrade if your V1 Air Assist has started producing more noise/vibrations:
Emblaser Core - V2 Air Assist
Emblaser 2 - V2 Air Assist