10w air assist nozzle issue

I have just installed the 10w laser assembly to my Emblaser 2, ran through the focus calibration which is sitting about -5 and looking like a clean cut.
My problem is that once I attach the rubber air assist nozzle there is not enough clearance to the work piece and it contacts the material.
Is it supposed to have a shorter air assist nozzle or has anyone else had this issue?

Please check this image and make sure your nozzle is attached correctly.

Hi, I had the same problem after installing the new 10 watt laser unit. I removed the 26 mm honeycomb tray and re did the emblaser focus test. My results were the same as you The other problem I vaers and when i re inserted the honeycomb tray there was about 4mm of gap between the bottom of the nozzle and the top of the workpiece. Whilst this is not definitive i thought that the lack of height between the job and nozzle contributed to the lens getting coated a lot faster. I sanded about 1 mm of the bottom of the nozzle and things seem to be better. The other problem I have is that if you lower the head via the z offset the nozzle will eventually hit the workpiece. I am experimenting with just using the power of the laser to cut thicker material
Good luck

Hi John,
The nozzle being closer to the material is expected as it improves the effect of the air-assist.

If you are moving the laser head down by 4mm on a job then you will definitely need to consider a modified nozzle for this case. It is not common for the machine to need to move so much as it does not improve the end result.

If you think of the laser beam being like an hourglass with the thinnest part of the hourglass being the best focus spot of the beam. If you move the laser down it will have a continually wider and wider part of the beam hitting the material and being blocked. This results in less laser power making it to the thinner part of the beam which is where the cutting happens.

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