10 Watt Cutting settings

I have had the new Emblaser 2 with 10 watt laser but its not cutting as per the advertising. 7mm ply test cut 15mm circles and it is not cutting through after 9 passes?

Hi Milton,

Can you please send the following to help@darklyabs.com so that we can assist you further:

  • An image of the front AND rear of your Focus Calibration with the 10W Laser
  • The values entered into the Focus Calibration wizard
  • An image of the front and rear of you best cut using the 7mm plywood
  • The type of timber used in the plywood and whether it is a ‘laserply’ (sold specifically for laser cutting)
  • The LightBurn file used for the test cuts.

I look forwards to hearing from you shortly.

Thanks, details and photo’s have been sent by email