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1:48 scale outhouse

I doodle around with miniature sculptures. Here’s an example … there’s a clear 2mm acrylic top that covers it. This is cut from Laserboard (polybak) … polyester impregnated card.


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And here’s another. This is HO scale - 1:87

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And another done in N scale - 1:160. Most of the little building components are laser cut.

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Amazing work Jared.

The level of details is stunning.

Are these done for commissions or is it something you do as a pure hobby?

The Darkly Labs Team

It’s a hobby that earns me money. I do sell some pieces and give others away as gifts but I’m building up a collection to have an art show soon.

Absolutely Brilliant Jared!!

Awesome finishing too (painting etc.)


Great Stuff Jared.

Wow! Beautitul! 

Please, where we can get ‘laserboard’?


Laserboard is really called Polybak. It’s main use is in the cabinet making industry where it’s used as a stable backing for wood veneers. It is made in four different thicknesses, 011 in.,.015 in. .020 in and .024 in. I got mine at “Roko”, a cabinetmakers wholesale supply store in a 4’ x 8’ sheet which cost $12CDN. There’s one hobby supplier in the US that I know of who sells one sq. ft. pieces of it … http://automatedartists.com/laserboard.


thanks for your reply and the link. I 'll try to get Polybak from Barcelona, Spain.  

Hi Jared,

although I have a hard time finding polybak here in Germany, can you post your laser settings for the corresponding material?

Thank you,



I have changed the power setting of the 3 watt laser to 1.9 (with the switches on the PCB) and cut the .024" polybak using 3 passes at 100% power and a speed of 15mm per second. Etching was done with the same settings but only one pass. 

Hi Jan,

If you find polyback in Germany, you could say where? Here in Barcelona I have not been lucky.

Thanks a lot


Thanks Jared,

I revisited the idea of multiple passes for something else I was working on. However

@Luis: No Chance to find a german supplier. Looks like a US product especially made for veneer applications.




Thanks Jan, that seems to be the case… Perhaps there any supplier who can sell materials overseas.