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1:43 scale building in 2mm MDF

One of my hobbies is railway modelling in 7mm scale - 1:43. My current project requires a building straddling the tracks, and I have built this using the Emblazer. It necessitates a high degree of accuracy and endurance from the machine, as these brick panels take over an hour of solid cutting, and any loss of registration will ruin them. The work is also extremely delicate - the window bars are less than 0.5mm wide.

the Emblazer successfully does all this…

The laser work of the Denton Brook building is finished and assembled. Windows fitted, the cills were cut in situ, and pulled forward. Some bricks were cut out (probably too many), the building still awaits weathering - together with roof (corrugated) gutters etc…







Very well done Giles.

The attention to details is just amazing. The little cracks between the bricks where some mortar has fallen out and where the bricklayer has left a little extra cement on some bricks. Fantastic!


Thank you Domenic, but it is made possible by the Emblaser… The only other way of achieving the fire escape, for example, would be by etched brass - expensive, and not viable to do at home!

Very nice. I’m wondering what material you’ve used and how long the etching took?

It’s 2mm MDF, and in all, the etching took somewhat over three hours (there’s a lot of bricks!)

Finally I’ve got this building just about done for Denton Brook (7mm) - (there’s always a couple more jobs to do…). I find buildings difficult and labour-intensive, although this one has been much easier by using the new Emblazer laser cutter. I feel I’m now reasonably fluent, so if I want a part, I can just cut it, so to speak.

I should have been struggling to do the fire escape any other way, in any event (other than etching it in brass, of course). The fire escape and the windows are cut from 0.8mm ply, whilst the building carcass is 2mm MDF. I even managed to cut working gutter brackets about 0.3mm thick in plastic.

The stone wall at the bottom is a piece of 18mm ply, covered in fire cement, embossed and carved - it took a surprising amount of time to do!

I’m not particularly happy with any of the painting - but that is very much my weak point (I don’t count polishing locos!)







Looks outstanding Giles.

Thank you for sharing.



Quite stunning! I would not have thought this possible; thanks for sharing. I am going to use my Emblazer to cut out balsa wood parts for radio controlled aero modelling, and after seeing this, I am confident of success; it won’t be half as complicated as what you have achieved.