1:100 architectural model (incomplete)

1mm and .5mm white card

Monthly image upload


Wow… these have blown me away.

Excellent work!

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These models are amazing - I actually thought they were computer generated renders at first glance!

Roughly how may hours of cutting goes into one of these?

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Thank you Lliam.

1mm and .5mm card cut quite efficiently so not very long, however I usually spend more time building the model digitally using 1:1 material dimensions to test assembly method, details etc, and this speeds up production.

To give you an idea, below is an image of the digital model of Vicca Verde that I posted earlier, the complexity depends on the building, in this instance it is quite simple but would be difficult to generate in 2d. From here I flatten the faces (surfaces) to create 2d ‘parts’ before exporting as .dxf (etc) and opening in Autocad to organise and format before finally opening in LightBurn. Note: I find using Autocad more efficient but if you are good at LightBurn (which I am not), this step is not necessary.

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On a side note - I am getting really good vertical cuts but average horizontal cuts (not cutting through), I have recalibrated - any other ideas how to correct or compensate?

Perhaps my machine isn’t square and level but I want to avoid pulling it apart.

This is a result of the shape of the laser beam.
One axis is a little wider than the other, which makes the difference appear.

Choosing the correct value for the horizontal and vertical calibration results will allow LightBurn to average the results for the best focus value.

What are the two values you have used after the calibration?

0 and 1 from memory, calibration z offset was .5 - I changed it up and down and tested but didn’t made any difference.

I can compensate by lowering speed but obviously has detrimental effect to line quality.

There is no real way to compensate for this apart from slowing the speed to work with the horizontal cuts.

I have noticed that you are getting marking on the underside of the material from the mats. You can make up a set of MagClips (LINK)

Or, hold off a little bit as we are about to release a honeycomb cutting tray for the Emblaser range. It will improve the underside of the material after cuts.

I would be more than happy to help product test and review the honeycomb cutting tray if you would like to send one out, likewise the ‘MagClips’, please email me for my address if you are interested in feedback.

I am totally blown away by the level of work people are beginning to do on the Emblaser Excellent

Completed #monthlyimageupload


Amazing, the scale of everything looks spot on making it look much more realistic

Thanks, 1:100 scale, proposed renovation and extension.

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