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Morning all

Since I upgraded to the latest version I don’t have a library (cut styles) any more for my EM1-A3

Should I have one ?




Yes, you should. You can load the library again by just clicking browsing to your documents folder for the existing library. It’s possible that a change to fix a device settings issue caused this.



The only CLB file I can find is E2_5W_MK1_Library.clb

Not sure that is the right one for a 3W E1?

That’s the one - we don’t have a different one for the E1 yet.


We only have a library for the Emblaser 2.

You can certainly use it as a starting point for your Emblaser 1 and create new entries that suit your machine.


Thanks guys, starting now

Hi Domenic,


Can’t find the Library.

I have bought the licence and re-downloaded the latest Lightburn and E2 Firmware.  

I followed the above instructions, then searched the C Drive for the filename :  no joy.

I’m sure there is a simple answer …  please?




In the library menu, press the ‘Load’ button. 

Then navigate to your ‘Documents’ or ‘My Documents’ folder (depending on your O/S) and load the file called:



If you don’t have this file, please download it from here:

Had to use the link


Thank you, Domenic!